Vintage White Cheddar is a British hard cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk with a fat content of 35%..



Vintage White Cheddar is a solid English legendary cheese from Somerset County, located in the south-west of England. Cheddar – this is perhaps the most famous of English cheeses with a dense, crumbling texture, having a pale yellow color. Classic cheese ripens for 18 months in absolute peace, as a result of which a characteristic taste is achieved, combining moderate spiciness and spice, with a slight sourness and a pleasant nutty aftertaste.

Cheddar is not only a very tasty cheese, it is also good for health. Like other cow milk products, cheddar contains a lot of calcium, vitamin D and healthy protein. Thanks to the presence of nutrients, cheddar cheese helps to recover faster and more efficiently after prolonged physical and mental stress. Calcium is part of this product, which favorably affects the condition of bones and teeth. This cheese also contains magnesium, which is simply necessary for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. So, by purchasing this cheese you will not only get a delicious, refined dish, but also take care of your health!

English cheddar cheese can be consumed both independently and as a component and raisin in various dishes (pizza, soups, sandwiches, julienne, etc.), as a dessert, as a light snack, for making sauces, and for a festive dinner – combined with vintage port.