Vintage White Cheddar is a British hard cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk with a 35% fat content.

As a result of long ripening, a creamy taste is achieved, combining moderate pungency and spice, light acidity and a pleasant nutty aftertaste.



Vintage White Cheddar is a legend from Somerset in the southwest of England. Cheddar is perhaps the most famous of all English cheeses.

It is added as an ingredient in various dishes – pizza, soups, sandwiches, julienne. Interestingly, the inhabitants of the United Kingdom love the combination of Cheddar with mustard, or bananas, washed down with cider or weak wines.

Vintage White Cheddar melts well. When baked, it gives a delicious crust. These qualities made him a kind of “universal soldier” in the kitchens of many housewives. This cheese makes a great sauce, which is a great addition to meat, fish, vegetables and toast. Cheese is added after removing the dish from the heat, as it can stratify. It turns out very tasty fried in breading.

Sandwiches and sandwiches are often made with cheese; it is added to scrambled eggs, omelets, soufflés, casseroles, mashed soups, and pasta. Cheddar is often used for rice dishes, cauliflower is baked in the oven. And they make delicious salty cookies.

Cheddar is a regular on the cheese plate. It is served with red fruit wines or beer. And for a festive dinner – in combination with vintage port wine . Half an hour before eating, the cheese should be taken out of the refrigerator so that it regains its structure.


Ingredients: pasteurized milk, salt, microbial enzyme, yeast.

Nutrition information per 100 g: 1781kJ / 430 kcal

Fat 36.6 g, of which saturated fatty acids are 24.7 g,

Carbohydrates 1.1 g

Sugar 0.1 g

Protein 14 g

Salt 1.7 g

Store at a temperature of +2 … + 8 C.

The expiration date is indicated on the packaging.