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Natural sour cream from our partners from the island of Saaremaa


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Sour cream is made from natural cream, by lactic acid fermentation using special bacteria, so the product gets a unique taste and aroma, thick and delicate consistency. The product has a large amount of vital substances. Sour cream significantly increases the bioavailability and absorption of other products when included in the diet, it is recommended for all age categories.

It got its name from the original method of producing sour cream at home. After the top layer of the settled milk was drained, a broom or spoon was collected (swept away) the second layer, which was under the cream.

Sour cream from cow’s milk has long been used in dishes of Russian cuisine. Today, little has changed: we still love sour cream, and generously use it for daily and festive table.

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Ingredients: fresh cream, skim milk, root

Nutrition Information (100 g):

Energy value 852kj / 206 kcal

Carbohydrates 3.7 g

Sugars 3.7 g

Proteins 2.9 g

Salt 0.1 g

Fat 20 g

Of which saturated fatty acids 11 g