100% cold pressed pumpkin seed oil.



Black (green) gold, the average European, unlike us, will call pumpkin seed oil. And all because in the Middle Ages a small bottle of pumpkin oil cost as much as a golden ring.

Pumpkin seeds are extremely beneficial for humans, due to the content of a significant amount of antioxidant substances, unsaturated fatty acids. Of these, in fact, incomparable, squeezed pumpkin oil is squeezed – aromatic, with nutty notes, ideal for cooking marinades, dressings for main dishes and fish dishes, pasta, salads and pasta sauces. The taste of oil from pumpkin seeds is so intense that just a few drops is enough to change the taste of familiar dishes.

On the basis of pumpkin oil with the addition of vinegar and cider, wonderful salad dressings are made. Although today a bottle of quality pumpkin oil is much cheaper than a gold ring, it is still one of the most expensive vegetable oils on the market.

Pumpkin oil does not tolerate heat, so it is better to keep it in a tightly corked bottle in a dark cool place. Pumpkin seed oil should not be subjected to any heat treatment, as it loses taste and healthy qualities. Pumpkin oil can be stored for about a year.


Ingredients 100% unrefined pumpkin seed oil

Average nutritional value per 199 g:

Energy of 3700 kJ / 900 kcal

Fat 99g

From this saturated fatty acid 18 g,

Sodium carbohydrates less than 0.1 g,

Of which 0 g sugar,

Protein less than 0.1 g,

of salt 0.2 g