Ghee is suitable for frying, baking and sauces.



What is ghee and what is it made from.


First of all, it is a product of animal origin. It is obtained as a result of heat treatment of butter. After natural evaporation of water and various impurities, it acquires a number of positive characteristics.

This type of oil is also quite popular in Central Asia, India and Pakistan. And the scope of its use is not limited to cooking: it is widely used in medicine and cosmetology.

Interesting fact: in India, it is called “ghee”, and it is widely used in Ayurveda-Indian traditional medicine. Indians attribute anti-aging and healing properties to this product. The finished product differs from the usual one with a greater caramelization and nutty taste. Local healers believe that the longer this “liquid gold” matures, the wider its miraculous properties become.

According to the state STANDARD, the melted product should contain 99 % fat and no more than 1 % water.

With this composition, the oil is stored much longer: about 8-9 months, and it can be heated to 200 degrees. At the same time, unlike butter, it does not form a characteristic smoke and smell, and does not provoke the appearance of carcinogenic substances in food.


Energy content (100 g): 3696 kJ / 899 kcal

100 g of product contains:

fat 99.9 g,

of which saturated fatty acids are 65 g, t

carbohydrates 0.1 g

sugar 0.1 g

protein 0.1 g

salt 0 g

Store at a maximum of + 0 ° + 10 ° C