Thick aromatic mass of ground sesame seeds with the addition of cocoa. The perfect dessert for lovers of a healthy diet.



Amazing rich taste of traditional tahini pasta, complemented by the magnificent aroma of cocoa beans and a luxurious nutty finish. This healthy treat can be spread on a slice of fresh bread or toast, added to yogurt or porridge, combined with ice cream or pastries. Cocoa tahini paste will appeal to both adults and children!

The product is famous for its huge content of all sorts of useful things – proteins, trace elements, vitamins, therefore it is considered a find for vegetarians. Tahini contains 4 substances that are extremely important for the immune system: iron, zinc, selenium and copper. They produce white blood cells that destroy germs.

Regular use of sesame paste protects against seasonal SARS and influenza, accelerates recovery from infectious diseases. Unlike whole sesame seeds, Tahini is easier to digest. Moreover, fatty acids stimulate the liver and gall bladder, helping to process other foods faster.


Ingredients: sesame paste 68%, sugar 4%, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, vegetable oils (palm oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil).

100 g of product contains: energy 657 kcal / 2728 kJ,

fat 51 g of which 12.6 g of saturated fatty acids,

carbohydrates 27 g of which 16.0 g of sugar

protein 19.2 g

fiber 6.7 g

Expiration date: look at packaging.