Tahini (also known as sesame paste or sesame paste) is a thick paste of ground sesame seed common in the Middle East.


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The main advantages of the product are its oily texture, sweet-tart taste and bright nutty aroma. Already in the Middle Ages sesame paste was used by African, Iranian, Turkish, Chinese, Indian and Japanese cooks. Often, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, ground cumin, red pepper, parsley are added to tahini and used as gravy or simply served with pita or bread. And in various regions, various syrups or other additives are also added to the base.

This versatile snack is in perfect harmony with vegetables, meat dishes and fruit desserts. Tahini mass is used to prepare many oriental sweets, including one of the most famous – halva. It is added as a necessary component to various dishes, for example, to falafel, in addition, it serves as the basis for many sauces. The classic hummus appetizer is made on the basis of chickpea and tahini.


Ingredients: ground sesame seed (100%).

100 g of product contains: energy 671 kcal / 2809 kJ,

fat 60.9 g of which 10.7 g of saturated fatty acids,

carbohydrates 10.1 g of which 0.2 g of sugar

protein 25.6 g

fiber 9.9 g

Expiration date: look at packaging.