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Semi-hard cheese of deep orange color with a creamy spicy taste, light sourness and a pleasant nutty finish..


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Cheddar is a popular English cheese. It is named after the place of initial production – the village of Cheddar, in the county of Somerset in England. Cheeses of this variety are now produced outside the region in many countries of the world. To make red Cheddar, manufacturers use annatto, which is a natural dye. During the manufacturing process, the cheese is coated with a small amount of black wax to protect it. Among the distinguishing features are an oily crust and a cylinder head shape.

Cheddar is not only a very tasty cheese, it is also good for health. The rich vitamin composition has a beneficial effect on the state of the body. Like other products from cow’s milk, cheddar contains a lot of calcium, vitamin D and healthy protein. Thanks to the presence of nutrients, cheddar cheese helps to recover faster and more efficiently after prolonged physical and mental stress. Calcium is part of this product, which favorably affects the condition of bones and teeth. This cheese also contains magnesium, which is simply necessary for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. So, by purchasing this cheese you will not only get a delicious, refined dish, but also take care of your health!

This type of cheese is used both as an independent product, for example, in cheese cutting, and is used in cooking as a whole. Like all cheeses, it is perfect as an appetizer to wine or other alcoholic drinks, can be the basis for toppings, salad, omelet, sauces. Very often Cheddar is used in burgers, sandwiches, in the preparation of meat, vegetable and even fish dishes.

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