Smoked brine cheese with a subtle aroma of smoke and a reddish crust.

By its properties and taste it resembles Georgian suluguni cheese.



SIERS GUNI cheese is smoked in smoke from natural beech, which gives the cheese a golden brown color and a delicate smoky creamy taste.

SIERS GUNI is ideal for pizza, omelettes, casseroles and other dishes that so need a crust of cheese stretching and winding on a fork. The quintessence of this cheese ability is baked in a frying pan in a batter chunks of guni with herbs. They are especially friendly with lemon juice, tart sour tkemali or acute adjika.

The brackish guni goes well with meat, whether it is grilled baked chicken stuffed with cheese straws, or mutton flesh stuffed with cheese and basil, accompanied by pomegranate sauce. Universal Georgian cheese is not lost in vegetable dishes – both with fresh radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes and red onions, as well as with grilled eggplants.


Ingredients: pasteurized milk, dairy culture, rennet, salt

Packing: vacuum

Storage tº: 0 ºС +8 ºС

100 g of product contain:

Energy value 1269 kJ/ 305 kcal

Fat 23,0 g,

inc.saturated fatty acids 16,0g

Carbohydrate 0,2 g,

inc. sugar 0,0 g

Protein 24,0 g

Salt 2,0 g

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