Pecorino Romano – hard salted cheese. A fragrant and pungent variety.

Differs in bright, rich, slightly piquant taste.

Produced in Italy, Lazio region, Rome.


Due to its relatively strong salinity, Pecorino Romano is usually eaten as a component of a dish. Often Italian housewives replace Parmesan with sheep’s cheese, reducing the amount of salt.

Pecorino Romano perfectly complements baked vegetables such as cauliflower. Grated cheese is often used for filled pasta (ravioli, capletti), savory pies, casseroles and puddings, such as sheep ricotta pudding. When grated, it is also suitable for first courses such as duck stew, carbonara sauce, various risottos.

As an independent appetizer, Pecorino Romano can be served with jerky, fruit, fresh bread. And if you add aromatic honey (orange, chestnut) to the cheese, you get an excellent dessert.

Cheese is a wonderful aperitif for both young wines and mature dry ones. It goes well with light beer.


Ingredients: Sheep pasteurized milk, rennet, salt.

 Energy value of 100 s includes: 1848 kJ / 446 kcal

Fat 38 g Of these: saturated fatty acids 25 g

sugar 0 g

Protein 26 g

Salt 2.0 g

Store at tº: +2 ºС +4 ºС

Best before: indicated on the package.