Hard cheese from the island of Saaremaa. The taste is light and pleasant, as it unfolds, it changes to bright, piquant, refined. Like most hard cheeses,

OLD SAARE will add flavor nuances to meat and vegetable salads, thick soups, potato and cereal casseroles.


The advantages of Saaremaa Estonian cheeses are that they do not contain preservatives. This cheese was recognized as the best food product in Estonia in the category of Cheese and dairy products for 2017.

Cheese goes well with all types of meat and poultry, potatoes and vegetables. Use it with vegetable marinades, boiled tongue and sausages. Try a dish from Rotterdam – toasted and toasted bread, fresh tomatoes and a slice of this aromatic cheese.

If you add OLD SAARE to pizza, pasta and risotto they will only benefit from it. Fondue from this variety turns out to be very tender.

As a dessert, cubes of hard cheese are served with slices of fruit, nuts to light white wine.


Energy content (100 g): 1472.8 kJ / 352 kcal,

100 g of product contains:

fat 29 g.

of which saturated fatty acids 17 g,

carbohydrate 0 g,

sugar 0 g,

protein 25 g.

salt 1.2 g.

Store at + 2ºC to + 8ºC.