Semi-hard cheese with a pronounced taste of pasteurized cream and a walnut aroma.


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The cheese was produced at one of the first Latvian dairy factories “Jaunpils Pienotava”, which has more than a century of experience in making cheeses according to local traditions. The company’s plant is equipped with modern equipment, which provides a full cycle of production of a wide range of cheeses and cottage cheese. Numerous awards received at specialized exhibitions , speak of the high quality of the products.

OLIMPS has a uniform elastic yellow consistency with a few irregular holes. The cheese gets its delicate creamy and at the same time tart taste after maturing in the cellar for several weeks. Cheese and walnuts go well together, setting off each other. The walnut gives the cheese a charming flavor. According to gourmets, this is the perfect combination!

The mild creamy taste and slightly tart-astringent taste of the nut will be an excellent addition to a lot of dishes. For example, vegetable soup, waffles, cheese sticks, omelet. OLIMPS can be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner as hot sandwiches. Adding to salads will make them sparkle with new colors. They become more tender, creamy. OLIMPS will definitely diversify your festive cheese platter!


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