Nemoloko vanilla dessert is not just a tasty treat, but also a universal assistant in the kitchen of any housewife.



Dessert Nemoloko will help out in any situation – it will become the most tender topping for desserts, decorate pastries, delicious ice cream, and for sweet tooth as a separate delicious dessert. The product is enriched with beta-carotene.

Vanilla is the most labor-intensive culture in the world. Only three years after planting, the first flowers appear on the plant. Fruits resembling large green pods should hang on the branch for nine months to fully ripen. And even when they are harvested, the fruits have neither taste nor aroma. They will be acquired only during processing. But today, your traditional family cake will be even tastier if you add Nemoloko vanilla dessert to it.


COMPOSITION: water, oatmeal, sugar, rapeseed oil, thickener – xanthan gum, emulsifier E471, salt, vanilla extract, beta-carotene.

FOOD VALUE OF 100 ML OF PRODUCT (average values):

Energy value, kJ (kcal) 650 (150)

Proteins, g 0.8

Fats, g 10

Carbohydrates, g 15

Salt, g 0.1

Beta-carotene, mg 0.83

Store at temperatures from 0 ° C to + 25 ° C and relative humidity not more than 75%. After opening the package, store in the refrigerator for no more than a day at a temperature of + 2 ° C to + 6 ° C.