A product from our partners – the family farm Hõbeda Mois (Estonia), who supply us with high quality goat cheese.

The combination of cheese and garlic is the choice of lovers of spicy and savory tastes.

This is why you should include these unique foods in your diet:

1. Much more vitamins and microelements than cheese made from cow’s milk.

2. Low Fat – Goat cheese is a fat-free alternative to regular cheese.

3. Recommended for those with lactose intolerance. Goat milk contains significantly less lactose than regular milk.


Goat cheese is considered the most beneficial for health, as a source of calcium, proteins and lactic acid bacteria, which have a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora. In France, where cheese is considered the food of the gods, there are more than 2 thousand varieties of cheese made from cow, sheep and goat milk. Charles de Gaulle, as you know, liked to complain about his difficult fate on a hard day: “How can you rule a country in which there are as many varieties of cheese as there are days a year!”

It should also be noted that almost any goat cheese is extremely tasty baked, combined with various types of salad and vegetables. However, the duet goat cheese – fresh baguette, as a rule, outperforms all other combinations. Light red, rosé or white wines are perfect as an accompaniment, depending on the season and time of day. So, we found out that goat cheese lovers will find it in almost every corner of Europe, and each variety is unique and very tasty in its own way.

Additional information

Weight 0.27 kg


Ingredients: pasteurized goat milk, rennet, hardener (calcium chloride), starter, salt.
Energy value 1176 kJ / 283 kcal

Nutritional value per 100 g:

Fat 22 g

Of which saturated fatty acids 14 g,

Carbohydrates 1.9 g

Sugar 1.0 g,

Protein 20 g,

Salt 1.18 g
The expiration date is indicated on the packaging.

Store at: +2 ° C to + 4 ° C

The expiration date is indicated on the packaging.