Smoked mozzarella cheese in the shape of small balls.



Mozzarella is the legendary Italian cheese of the Pasta Filata family (cooked cheeses), which is traditionally obtained from black buffalo milk. Its soft, moderately salty, “smoky” taste, soft texture and delicious golden brown crust will appeal to any gourmet.

The traditional recipe and smoked cheese using beech sawdust give the cheese a unique delicate flavor. This cheese is one of the “pillars” of Italian cuisine: mozzarella is famous for its ability to become viscous when heated, so you can’t do without climbing, calzone and pizza.

Cheese in this form is very convenient for serving as an appetizer, which is especially valuable in cases where it is not possible to cook complex dishes. Smoked mozzarella goes well with fresh bread, suitable for serving in cheese plates, as well as an additive for hot dishes. 


Ingredients: pasteurized milk, dairy culture, rennet, salt

The Еnеrgу value of 100 s includes: 1269 kJ / З05 kcal

Fat 23 g

Of which: Saturated Fatty Acids 16 g

sugars 0g

Protein 24 g

Salt 2.0 g

Storage tº: 0 ºС +8 ºС.

Best before: Look at the package.