Cecil – a curly fibrous brine cooked cheese made from cow’s milk.



Smoked pigtail cheese is a traditional dish of Armenian cuisine and is called cecil. Such cheese is made from small fibers. This product is mainly produced by hand. Its feature is the original shape, which is a thread formed into pigtails. He stood out with high juiciness and unusual taste.

This product does not have its original smell; it smells the same as other types of cheese. This can not be said about the taste, which has a slight sharpness and smoked notes. Such cheese may have a beige or yellow color, which directly depends on the manufacturing process.

Smoked pigtail cheese is an excellent independent snack, which many people like to drink with beer. Also, individual strips of cheese can be used as decor, for example, for salads, snacks and sandwiches. Many housewives use them to tie rolls or bags of pancakes.


Ingredients: Raw milk, salt, rennet, 

Composition 100g in product: 1228kJ / 295 kcal,

fats 19,1g,

of which: saturated fatty acids 10,7g,

carbohydrates 0.6g,

of which sugars 0.3g,

proteins 30,1g,

salt 7g

Storage tº: +15ºС +25 ºС;

Shelf life time: 30/60 days;