The aroma and taste of this jam will enrich your favorite dessert!


Figs are consumed in raw and dried form, and they also make unusually tasty and healthy jam from it. The dark amber color and unusual taste of the famous fig jam leaves no one indifferent who has tasted this southern treat. But the treat also has a lot of nutrients that can support health.

Chemical composition of fig jam includes various vitamins (A, E, C, B1, PP, carotene) and trace elements (iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, potassium, sodium, calcium). In addition, it has a lot of protein and sugars.

This composition allows you to have jam from figs the following beneficial effects on the body:

• has a laxative effect;

• has a diuretic effect;

• is beneficial in violation of the work of the heart and blood vessels;

• useful for disorders of the nervous system;

• is the basis for the prevention of iron deficiency anemia;

• has a rejuvenating effect;

• acts as a febrifuge;

• relevant for female diseases;

• recommended for persons with complicated upper respiratory tract inflammation, as well as bronchial asthma.

It should be noted that this delicacy is contraindicated for pancreatitis, gout, gastric ulcer and diabetes.


Ingredients: 75% fig, sugar, lemon juice.

Contains 100 g: 978 kJ / 290 kcal

Fat 0.1 g,

Protein 0.5 g,

Crede 1.5g,

Salt 0.12 g,

Carbohydrates 64 g,

Of which sugar 61g