Cocoa and stevia sesame halva.



Halva can be safely attributed to the national or traditional sweets of Central Asia. It is also noteworthy that halva in the East is considered not only tasty, but also incredibly useful food. The name halva is translated from Arabic as “sweetness.” By its culinary essence, it is a dessert made from seeds, nuts, sugar or its substitutes.


According to food experts, pistachios are high in calories and contain vitamins, amino acids and minerals necessary for humans. Among the vitamins contained in pistachio fruits, vitamin E is a high content – a natural antioxidant that rejuvenates the human body. Therefore, it is not by chance that in ancient times pistachios were called “magic nut”. But the Chinese gave the most attractive and interesting name to the pistachio: “happy nut”, obviously, because the crack between the shells of the fruit looks like a smile.


Ingredients: sesame paste, polydextrose, maltitol and sorbitol syrup, steviol glycoside, sucralose, 6% dark chocolate, palm oil, vanillin. May contain peanuts or other nuts.

Energy Content (100 g): 2156 kJ / 520 kcal

100 g of product contains:

fat 35.7 g

of which saturated fatty acids are 8.5 g,

carbohydrates 35.9 g

sugar <0.5 g

proteins 14.9 g

polyols 15.2 g,

fiber 9.7 g

salt 0 g

The expiration date is indicated on the packaging.