Sesame halva with chocolate and almonds.


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Halva can be safely attributed to the national or traditional sweets of Central Asia. It is also noteworthy that halva in the East is considered not only tasty, but also incredibly useful food. The name halva is translated from Arabic as “sweetness.” By its culinary essence, it is a dessert made from seeds, nuts, sugar or its substitutes.

The use of sesame halva is due to the unique natural composition of sesame seeds, as well as the content of such trace minerals as zinc, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and others. This product is very nutritious and high-calorie, therefore it is very effective in combating hunger, helping to nourish the body with the necessary energy. The taste and aroma of halva are distinguished by rich notes of dark chocolate and ripe almonds and natural vanilla.


Ingredients: sesame paste, fructose syrup, cocoa powder 6%, dark chocolate (including soya lecithin) 8%, almonds 7%, vegetable oils, vanilla. May contain peanuts or other nuts.

100 g contains: energy 2234 kJ / 536 kcal

Fat 35.8g,

Of which saturated fat 8.7g,

Carbohydrates 37g,

Protein 16.5g,

Fiber 6.6g,

Sugar 32.5g,

Salt 0.2g