Gudbrand is a Norwegian semi-hard dessert cheese. This is a special kind of sweet-salty light brown cheese with a caramel flavor.

It is sliced ​​and eaten with rye bread, toast, crackers, waffles and jam. This sweet cheese goes especially well with red fruit marmalade.

Cheese also adds flavor to sauces and sweet fondues.


Gudbrand is a type of brunet native to the Gudbrandsdal Valley in Norway.

The cheese has the color and taste of boiled condensed milk, which is explained by the way it is prepared. The milk, cream, and whey are boiled together for several hours until all the water has evaporated. At the same time, sugar from milk turns into caramel, which gives the cheese its peculiar properties.

GUDBRAND is somewhat firm, but pliable and easy to cut with a cheese slicer.


Energy content (100 g): 1855 kJ / 455 kcal

100 g of product contains:

fat 29 g

of which saturated fatty acids 18 g,

carbohydrate 37 g,

sugar 37 g,

protein 9 g

salt 1.3 g,

Vitamin A 47%

Calcium 44%

Vitamin B1 24%

Vitamin B2 93%

Magnesium 15%

Store at: +2 ° C to + 4 ° C

Best before: Look at the package.