Gift set №2


We have prepared an offer for you that will help you with choosing a gift for your family, friends or colleagues.


Decorated as a gift, a set filled with a rich assortment of your favorite cheeses will undoubtedly be an appropriate addition to the festive table.

Taking advantage of our offer, you, as they say, “fall into the top ten”, since cheese is an ideal companion for hot meals, snacks, fruits and desserts.

At your request, we add jam, halva, cookies, olive oil, Italian ham печ to the composition of the set.


Feta Greek 200 g

Smoked hunting cheese 300 g

Soft cheese Siers Guni 400 g

Brynza 200 g

Norwegian caramel cheese 500 g

Grande Duro hard cheese 12 months exposure 180 g

Manchego sheep cheese 150 g

Goat cream cheese 150 g

Assorted cookies 300 g

Fig jam 230 g

Greek olives 250 g

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Greek 500 ml