A very special cheese from Greece from the family-owned company Fontana Food, ideal for grilling and frying in a pan.



Made from a mixture of pasteurized cow, goat and sheep milk with mint leaves. Milk for this cheese comes from free-range animals in the meadows of Cyprus.

The dense Grilloumi cheese does not flow during frying and retains its shape perfectly. To the best of salty and appetizing crust fried cheese goes well with grilled meat, as well as salads and sandwiches. Cook in a grill pan or on the wire rack and serve with vegetables also grilled. Very tasty!

Greek Grilloumi is eaten lightly fried in a pan with green salad and sun-dried tomatoes. And a rather exotic combination with slices of sweet watermelon. Maybe worth a try!

Arrange a Greek-style evening for yourself: with wine, ripe fruits, vegetables and grilled cheese. Almost no time will be left for cooking, and dinner will turn out delicious and original!


Ingredients: pasteurized cow, sheep and goat milk, sea salt, rennet, dried mint.

Energy value: 298 kcal / 1235 kJ

Nutritional value per 100 g:

fats 24.0 g, of which saturated fats 15.0 g

carbohydrates 1.4 g, of which sugar 1.2 g

proteins 19.0 g salt 2.5 g

The expiration date is indicated on the packaging.