Feta cheese is a national Greek pickled white cheese made from sheep’s (sometimes with the addition of goat) milk.



Feta LADOTYRI MYTILINIS is a unique product – cheese with a protected designation of origin (PDO). It is made exclusively only on the island of Lesbos since ancient times. This is the most famous cheese of the island. Ladotiri as a name comes from the past. When housewives on the island did not have refrigerators, they stored the cheese in olive oil in traditional clay containers known as Sfdelia Mytilinis. In these containers, the cheese became more mature and received an outstanding spicy taste and aroma. Levos Dairy follows the same traditional recipe as the ancient Greeks of Lesbos.

Feta cheese is an integral part of Greek salad and many Mediterranean cold cuts. The product goes well with fresh vegetables and herbs, melon and pears, suitable for stuffing meat and game. Cheese is often served with bread and olive oil. Feta and spinach – a favorite filling for pies in Greece and other Mediterranean herbs. Excessive salinity of the cheese can be removed by changing the brine to mineral water or milk.

In Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, brynza is analogous to feta cheese.


Pasteurized sheep’s, goat’s milk, salt, microbiological rennet.

100 g of product contains: energy 275 kcal / 1138 kJ,

fat 24 g

of which 16 g of saturated fatty acids,

carbohydrates 0.7 g

of which 0,5 g of sugar

protein 14 g

salt 2.6 g

Store at temperatures between + 2 ° C and + 8 ° C

Best before: Look at the packaging.

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