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Soft salty cheese rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals. Has a light sour-milk aroma, rather dense texture, brittle, but not crumbling.




Brynza is the pride of Bulgarian and Romanian cheese makers. This cheese is made from high quality cow’s milk and becomes salty when ripe.

Cooking applications

Cheese is added to a variety of dishes:

  • In salads – as the main ingredient with herbs or as a tint additive.
  • The filling contains pies, pies, cheesecakes and puffs with cheese, cheese and meat.
  • In sauces – mainly with sour cream and herbs.
  • For snacks – sandwiches, canapes, cheese balls.


Bryndza contains essential vitamins, minerals and proteins for the human body, as well as valuable calcium and phosphorus salts.

Beneficial features

  • Cheese is not subject to heat treatment, the most useful components of the product: minerals, proteins, vitamins are not destroyed under the influence of high temperatures.
  • Rich composition of vitamins, minerals: calcium, fluorine, potassium, magnesium; protein and fatty acids make the food a source of essential nutrients.
  • The specific processing of milk helps to preserve calcium and make it easily digestible. This product is useful for the child’s body, since calcium is necessary for the growth of teeth and bones of the child.
  • Brine cheese contains essential protein, fatty acids. They will help to restore strength during heavy loads.

Cheese is similar to traditional Greek feta cheese, but slightly saltier.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg



Ingredients: pasteurized milk, yeast, calcium chloride hardener, cloth, salt.

Energy value 1545 kJ / 372 kcal

Nutrition information 100g:

fat 31.0 g, incl. saturated fatty acids 21.0 g,

carbohydrates 0.2 g, incl. sugar 0.0 g,

protein 22.0 g,

salt 1.0 g

Storage tº: 2 +С +6 ºС.

Store between: +2 ° C and +6 ° C

Best before: Look at the packaging.

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