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It is a semi-hard cheese with an unusual spicy taste. In terms of its qualities, it is similar to the Gouda variety.


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Most often served as a snack to alcoholic beverages with a variety of spicy and sweet sauces.

It is difficult to say unequivocally what taste and smell gives the dishes fenugreek. It all depends on the treats to which it is added, as well as the amount of spice. In General, we can say that the seeds of the discussed plant give the dishes a sweet and slightly nutty taste. It’s kind of like maple syrup. If you “play” with the amount of spice, you can also achieve a mushroom flavor.

What is fenugreek

Seed fenugreek belongs to the legume family. The plant has a very bright, specific smell. This feature is due to its high content of coumarin in the composition. The seeds of the plant are actively used in folk medicine and cooking. For example, bread and various unleavened cakes are baked with them, confectionery, meat dishes, spicy snacks, and, of course, cheese are prepared. In cooking, only the seeds of the plant are used, carefully ground to a powder state. They are part of many compound seasonings. For example, curry.

Due to the content of vitamins (A, E, C), chemical elements (potassium, iron, magnesium, sodium, calcium), antioxidants, flavonoids and alkaloids fenugreek and cheese with its seeds have a beneficial effect on the human body.

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Ingredients: pasteurized cow’s milk, Fenugreek seeds 2.6%,lactic acid bacteria, salt,calcium chloride, annatto dye.

Energy content (100g): 1455kJ / 350kcal

100g of product contains: fat 26g, of which saturated fatty acids 14g,

carbohydrates 1,3g,

sugar 0g, proteins 27g,

salt 1.3g.

Store at: +2 ° C to + 6 ° C

Shelf life: 60 days.