Suluguni is a hard brine cheese of dense consistency, white or cream color, made from pasteurized cow’s milk.


Suluguni is the national cheese of the peoples of the Caucasus: it has been made there since ancient times. This cheese is aged in brine.

Cheese manufacturers claim that it does not contain preservatives, dyes and flavors, that is, it is an environmentally friendly natural food product that contains vitamins, trace elements and many other substances important for the human body.

This is a very useful and versatile product that can be used to prepare many delicious dishes. If you want to cook less and have more rest at the picnic, grill pita bread with suluguni. When baking cheese in pita pockets, fry on both sides until the pita bread is browned. Cheese is good when sliced ​​with wine, especially with basil and cilantro leaves. In addition, it is added to fresh vegetable salads, khachapuri filling, baked and fried in a dough with sesame seeds.