According to your wishes, we make cheese plates for various celebrations.

Ideal for your celebration. Set a beautiful and delicious festive table quickly and conveniently – choose a ready-made cheese platter!


Take this dish for a picnic, order for a corporate evening, or give it as an unusual gift.

We offer a ready-made version.

  • Cheese with chili 150 g
  • Cheese with caraway seeds 220 g
  • Smoked balls 100 g
  • White cheddar 200 g
  • Frico Maasdam 180 g
  • Goat cheese Frico 140 g
  • Niva Gold blue cheese 200 g
  • Regina Blue cheese 160 g
  • Cheese with fenugreek 200 g
  • Smoked Emmental cheese 220 g

The plate is tightly closed with a lid, which allows it to be conveniently transported. Also, your delicacies will not absorb foreign odors. Remove the lid and the table queen is ready to serve!

We recommend that you calculate the weight of the plate based on the proportion of 100 g of cheese per 1 guest.

At your request, we serve companion products that go well with cheeses: assorted biscuits and crackers, Greek olives, orange jam and fig preserves. Various types of halva can be served for dessert.

You can substitute any cheese on this platter for another. Write about this in your wish when placing an order.

If you want to taste the cheeses before buying, you can do this in our cheese shop in the Balti Jaama Turg shopping center

NB! The image is for illustrative purposes only.

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