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Naturally ripened semi-hard Dutch cheese made from cow’s milk.

FRICO MAASDAM has a creamy sweetish – nutty taste with a delicate aroma. This original flavor comes from the addition of field mustard, nettle and pepper grass, as well as cloves.

It is suitable for both fondue and hot sandwiches, it is good as part of a cheese plate. The taste features of this variety allow its use in fruit salads, baked goods, desserts.

MAASDAM goes well with dry white wine.

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The main features of this cheese are large ball-shaped eyes. The larger they are, the more mature the cheese is.

The variety got its name from the name of the city of Maasdam, located on the island of the same name in Holland.

FRICO MAASDAM is part of the so-called “golden fund” of Dutch cheese making.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg




– pasteurized cow’s milk

– starter (lactic acid bacteria)

– salt

– rennet

Energy content (100g): 1477kJ / 356kcal

100 g of product contains:

fat 27.3g,

of which saturated fatty acids 18.6g,

carbohydrates 0g,

sugar 0g,

proteins 26.6g,

salt 1.2g.

Store at: +2 ° C to + 4 ° C

Best before: Look at the package.