Camembert Grill President 2 x 90 g


Special Camembert cheese for grilling, pan-frying and oven baking.

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Camembert is a classic soft cheese with a white mold penicillin crust.

What is the difference between a regular Camembert President and Camembert Grill. Cheese intended specifically for frying and baking has a harder crust, and the inside is thicker and almost non-flowing. The second difference is size. The smaller the head of the Camembert, the better it will cook and not spread, the more aromatic the hot dish will be.

The cheese is packed in a double tight wrapper, the outer side of which is oilcloth, and the inner side is oiled paper, for better storage of the aromatic penicillin crust.

Camembert Grill President does not need to be fried. Then just use it like any soft cheese with a white mold. When cut, it is glossy, oily and very appetizing. Taste before heat treatment is sharp and spicy. Feels more intense than the classic Camembert President.

Still, try to cook it.


– for frying,

– for grilling,

– for baking.

After roasting, the cheese opens up, the texture inside becomes fluid, like a thick cream. The external “penicillin crust” – on the contrary, becomes less sharp and slightly softer than before. The aroma and taste are softer and more delicate. When cooking, you can sprinkle with Provencal herbs or dry garlic. Roasting with aromatic ingredients helps the flavor to unfold.

How to cook?

You can, for example, like this:

  • Preheat oven to 190 ºC.
  • Sprinkle the camembert cheese with fresh rosemary.
  • Drizzle with honey and bake for 8-10 minutes.

Serve warm.



Milk, salt, stabilizer calcium chloride, microbiological rennet, yeast, white mold culture Penicillum Candidum.

The nutritional value

For 100 grams:

Energy (kJ / kcal) 1493,7 kJ / 357 kcal

Fat (g) 32.00

Of which saturated fatty acids (g) 20.00

Proteins (g) 17.00

Salt (g) 1.70

Storage: in a cool place, from +2 to + 6 ° C.


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