Pancakes, toasts and just tea will acquire a unique taste with emim aromatic natural orange jam!


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Do you know what my greatest impression of my first visit to London was? No, it wasn’t the tower, or Sherlock Holmes’s fake house on Baker street, or fish and chips, or cream tea (which turned out to be no cream tea, as we were taught in English lessons at school). Most of all, during my first trip to London, I remember a shop in Windsor castle that sold ” products from the Royal table.”

There, among the kidney pies and Yorkshire puddings and ginger biscuits, were pretty jars of orange jam. It cost a lot of money. But what you will not do in order to feel yourself among the “close”!

I also bought a small jar with orange contents. It is said that without such jam on a slice of freshly dried toast, the Queen of England does not start any of her days. Maybe that’s why she lived to her rather advanced age?


Nutrition Information (100 g):

Energy value 285 kcal

Carbohydrates 67.6 g

Sugars 64 g

Proteins 0.71 g

Fat 0.1 g