Ackawi Jaunpils Arabian brynza, 400 g.


Soft unripe pickled cheese from our partners – a dairy plant
“Jaunpils Pienotava” Latvia.


Ackawi is a traditional Arabic cheese named after Akko, a city in Northern District of Israel.

This cheese is usually made from pasteurized cow’s milk, but it can also be made from goat, sheep, or camel milk.

It is produced on a large scale in Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Gaza, Egypt and Cyprus. Cheese loaves are made in the shape of rectangular briquettes. It goes on sale in a special packaging.


Ackawi has a delicate smooth texture and salty taste and pronounced aroma. Cheese mass is white. The texture of this cheese is similar to that of mozzarella, feta or mizithra,
since it doesn’t melt very well. Melting resistance makes it is suitable for frying as it keeps its shape well. Cheese can stored for up to a year.


Cheese is widely popular as table cheese. It is commonly eaten in the Middle East
with soft cakes for lunch and dinner. Also Ackawi goes well in paired with fruit or as a stand-alone snack.


Ingredients: cow’s milk, table salt, calcium chloride hardener, ferment of lactic acid bacteria, microbial enzyme.

Energy value (100 g): 1468kj / kJ. / 353kcal / kcal.

100 g of product contains:

fats 28 g.

incl. saturated fatty acids 19 g

carbohydrates 2 g.

incl. sugar 0 g

proteins 25 g.

salt 7g.

Store at: +4 ° C to + 8 ° C.

The expiration date is indicated on the packaging.

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