Starting a conversation about Greek products, it is worth remembering that Greece belongs to the Mediterranean countries. However, living by the same sea, one can say in the neighborhood, each of the countries of this region is distinguished by its culture, its agricultural policy, its own peculiarities of gastronomy, its culinary recipes. Even the taste of the same products is slightly different in different countries. How are Greek foods different? To begin with, you can make a list of strategic products that characterize Greece as a unique country, as well as provide it with sustainable exports. Of course, these are olives and products made from them. In fact, the main product obtained from olives is olive oil. It is generally accepted that Greek olives and olive oil, as the face of Greek products, deserve the highest praise. Further, the meat and dairy industry can be noted. Who doesn’t know feta cheese? This is not just a tasty and healthy product. It is a national brand on an international scale. You may not know anything about Greece, but know about Greek products.

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