07/05/2021 By Baltic Cheese Off

Great news for lovers of feta cheese and suluguni from Jaunpils!

Now you can buy them not only in our store at the Baltic Station market, but also in your nearest Prisma supermarket throughout Estonia.
Spring and summer are the times when you want light and simple dishes. This is exactly what young pickled cheeses are suitable for.
If you want to cook less and have more rest at the picnic, grill pita bread with suluguni. When baking cheese in pita pockets, fry on both sides until the pita bread is browned.
Cheese is good when sliced with wine, especially with basil and cilantro leaves. Add cheese to pizzas and salads. Morning toast with suluguni is a delicious addition to aromatic coffee.
Want a healthy quick breakfast? What could be better than Greek salad! Cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, herbs and spices. Minimum slicing, maximum health! Or another option – scrambled eggs with feta cheese, tomatoes and herbs. Try it!
Add feta cheese to meat and vegetables. Its salty taste will add a touch of piquancy to the cooked dish.