Svetlana Butšinskaja

Member of the board

“The creation of our company is, in a way, a romantic story. Work in one firm smoothly flowed into a joint family business. Since we started together, we had to delve into all the subtleties of our business. We expanded the assortment, met with cheese producers, made excursions to factories and small farms in Estonia and Latvia, where they learned in detail all the stages of production.

 We started with wholesale. Many Estonian restaurants have opted for Latvian products. And rightly so, why pay 30 – 40% more for European brands, when in our Baltics these products are not only very tasty, but also environmentally friendly, without preservatives, one might say “Bio”.

 ..On May 19, 2017, we opened our cheese counter for customers in the Balti Jaam market. I really wanted to support a domestic producer, so in our assortment you will find a large selection of cheeses, as well as milk, butter, cottage cheese, sour cream, which are popular far beyond Estonia.

 Team spirit is important to us, as a team is a kind of family. And success in general depends to a large extent on how friendly the microclimate and mutual understanding in the company is.”

Gennadi Kononenko

Sales Representative


Gennadi started his career in 1994 as a sales representative in a young company that sold cheese products in 8 Estonian dairies. Over 15 years of work in the company, a vast experience of communication with clients and partners has been acquired.

 “..When I felt that I felt cramped within the existing framework, I decided to organize my own business, bringing my ideas into it. I already knew the needs of the clients. Began to visit international food exhibitions, to select interesting products. He brought to Estonia new goat cheeses from Holland, also cheeses like Gouda with pepper, ruccola and others. But the most interesting thing is that our customer most of all liked the products from neighboring Latvia, where they just started to make Gouda cheeses with fenugreek, pumpkin seeds, hemp, black and red pepper, smoke cheese Hunter, fresh young cheeses like mozzarella, Feta cheese and Suluguni. And of course, lactose-free cheeses matured over 12 months like Parmesan.

 Now our cheese counter in the Balti Jaam market under the name Baltic Cheese has collected the best Baltic and Estonian dairy products.

These are the result of my experience gained over 24 years. The best tastes !!!”

Tatjana Andriez

Expert shop-assistant


Tatiana went with us all the way to becoming a store. Her task is not just to sell the product, but to hear the needs of the buyer. Therefore, often before buying, there is a small conversation about wishes for the taste of cheese, which is accompanied by a tasting.

 “I love helping people find a product that suits their mood and taste. I am happy to meet regular customers and already know by heart what they love.

 ..With special interest I take orders for the preparation of festive cheese baskets and plates, as this gives a flight of imagination and creativity. And I hope it gives pleasure to our customers. “

Anna Andrianova



“Working in a small company has a lot of tasks. Since we practice interchangeability, well, as far as possible, my responsibilities include communicating with partners and ordering goods, document flow and, if necessary, work behind the counter.

 This kind of multitasking is interesting to me. It is possible to switch from one activity to another during the day. This means you get less tired and, therefore, work more efficiently.

 This undoubtedly affects the overall success of the company. After all, grateful customers and reliable partners are the main components of the company’s prosperity.”