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5 fondue cheeses or a light dinner recipe

Guess what was the usual food of the Alpine shepherds, and over time turned into an exquisite national dish?
Of course it’s fondue! Which means to melt in French. Just 3 essential ingredients for a whirlwind party or a warm family dinner. These are cheese, bread and wine. If there are children in the company, replace the wine with lemon juice. Well, we can diversify slices of bread with a crispy crust with salami, gherkins, baked potatoes, mushrooms and vegetables. 

It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Don’t be intimidated by the unfamiliar word caquelon. This is just a heat-resistant saucepan in which the magic happens – the mixing of cheese, wine and spices. After cooking, it is placed on the table on a ceramic candlestick with a burning candle so that the mixture does not thicken.
So, let’s choose cheeses. What are the best varieties for fondue? Right! Those that melt easily. Spicy, medium-hot cheeses like emmental, maasdam, cheddar, or soft cheeses with herbs and peppers are good choices.
  • EMMENTAL LIMBAZU. Hard cheese with a fruity-nutty sweetish taste. 
  • FRICO MAASDAM. Semi-hard cheese. The original taste is obtained with the addition of field mustard, nettle, pepper grass and cloves. 
  • RED CHEDDER. Semi-hard cheese with a rich orange color with a creamy spicy taste, light acidity and a pleasant nutty aftertaste.
  • WHITE CHEDDER. A hard cheese with a creamy, spicy taste. 
  • GRANDE DURO. Extra-hard parmesan cheese 12 months extracts with a grainy texture and a sweetish taste.

Use multiple varieties for a sophisticated flavor.
Try different combinations of cheese and spices, experiment! And you will find your favorite fondue recipe.