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Сheeses of the European Union countries, farm products from goat, cow, sheep milk. Gift baskets and cheese platter.  Delivery across Estonia. 

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Cheese +

We supplement cheeses with matching products to create a complete daily and festive menu.



Our own courier service will deliver orders to the address within 24 hours after payment of the invoice.

If your order falls on a weekend, your payment may be delayed. To speed up sending, please send a confirmation of payment to the e-mail



We will show you which cheeses are best for a hearty breakfast, and which ones are better for maintaining a slim figure. We will advise what is best for baking and what is best for salads, appetizers or desserts.

Baltic Cheese shop on the market of the Baltijaama Turg

Our shop at the Baltic Station market is a tasting point


 You can try products sold by weight.


Before buying, you can taste the cheese you like on the counter at will and make a decision. You can taste products sold by weight.

You will receive a full consultation on products in their original packaging.


Celebrating something?

If you are planning a celebration or a cozy party, we will help you create a cheese menu for the buffet table.

Beautifully designed cheese platters with matching foods make it easy for your guests to snack.


Gift basket

And if you yourself are invited to visit, take with you a gift cheese basket with your favorite cheeses – and the problem of the gift is solved!


We are waiting for you every day from 9 to 19.00, and on Sunday from 9 to 17.00.

Happy shopping!

Our suppliers

When selecting suppliers, we focus on the taste of the product, environmental friendliness of production and originality. We support local producers, which is why you will find a large selection of cheeses and dairy products made in Estonia on our counter.